About Me :)

Dear lovely readers,

With this being my first post ever to be published into the blogging world, I thought it would be nice if I introduce myself first, so let’s begin. My name is Manjula Ravichandran and I’m currently doing my bachelor in System and Networking. I’m an indian from Malaysia. As the other readers I also have passion for books. Therefore, I thought perhaps I can share my opinions on the books I’ve read recently, books that I would like to read, book recommendations, bookish stuffs and once in awhile with my personal stuffs (but mostly books related). IΒ still consider myself β€œnew” to the blogging world so I might make a tons of error on my posts: spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and much more so I hope you can bare with that.

Besides, I’m a slow reader where I take almost a week or more to finish a book may be because I’m busy with my industrial training right now but that won’t be stopping me from blogging I promise, somehow I will try to bring up with a bookish post to be published. I will post every week once which most probably will be on weekends. I’ll be very active in instagram (@booksoffictionalworld) and twitter (@manju_reads), you may follow me there if you want to see me update regularly. I came to the decision of blogging because of I was inspired by the other book bloggers. This is me, just in case if you wanted to know how do i look.

Thanks for reading, if you found yourself enjoyed my first post then do follow me for my upcoming posts. πŸ™‚

– by Manjula Ravichandran.


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