November Favourites (2016)

Hello there! I know I have been absent far too long and I am extremely sorry for my inactivity. To make it up for it I have some interesting post for you today. And I have decided to do it on every month which is the “Favourites of the Month” post that probably might make me stay active over here and with this I can still stay connected to you all. Yayyy for that ! 🙂

Okay so what is “Favourites of the Month” is all about? Some might already know but if you don’t then “Favourites of the Month” is about me sharing my favourites in all sort stuffs that I enjoyed the most in that particular month that can be from books, movies, tvshows, personal stuffs and etc with no particular order. Without me start babbling let’s straight get into my favourites of November. So here you go:

1) Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Of course there must be a favourite book of the month as a reader isn’t it? So yeah my favourite book of this month is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K Rowling. I rated the book 5/5 stars on the Goodreads and I don’t think I need to give a review of it as most of you might have already read it. I enjoyed the book to the moon and back. It was so magical and Hogwarts guys…it is the best wizarding school ever. Okay to be honest I read it for the first time in my entire life (don’t judge please) and that will explain my excitements. I totally regret for not picking up the series any sooner.

2) W(two worlds)
Secondly, W is a new K-Drama that I am so obsessed with lately where it is all about a girl whom the daughter of a comic book artist from the real world where somehow she has been transported to the comic world that was created by her father. And there seems to be a lot of stuffs happening over there between her and the main character of the comic.. go watch it yourself guys, I don’t wish to spoil you yet because the drama is seriously goddamn good. Please watch if you’re a huge fan of K-drama, you will definitely going to love this one.

3) The 100


If you didn’t know already I’m a massive fan of tvshows. Apart from reading I enjoy myself watching tvshows. The 100 has been one of my favourite ever since I start watching this show from the first episode of season 1. I am normally a binge watcher so that explains how I watched all three seasons in two weeks time. And I would highly recommend it to you all if you haven’t watch it already and it also would be a great choice for a beginner if you don’t know which show to start with.

4) Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

fantastic-beasts-and-where-to-find-them-movieOkay.. there can be hardly anyone not to know about this movie at the moment because the movie is so incredibly amazing and magical of course. Can we all just take a moment for Eddie Redmayne who played the most amazing Newt Scamander in this movie. He is just so cute and talented. Not only Eddie, but all the casts were played so well and perfect and it is hardly for me to find any flaws. Back to the movie, it was phenomenal especially all the magical creatures. ❤ What’s your favourite creature? Mine would be Niffler and Pickets. Both were cute especially Niffler, he is just so adorable and I laughed out loud all of his scenes. I don’t mind watching the movie over and over again. Anyways if any of you haven’t watch the movie yet, you totally should and needn’t worry if you never read or watched any Harry Potter books or the movie because the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them happened before Harry Potter so yeah. Go watch it guys, totally worth your time. I just can’t wait for the upcoming sequels of this movie.

5) Mark Ferris

fmicpx_fOkay last but not least, Mark Ferris is the newly growing youtuber and has more than 400k subcribers at the moment. You all should check it out his channel, I’ll link it down. He is hilarious and cute and also happened to be Zoella’s bff and he had also collaborated with many other amazing youtubers to make videos. I am very glad that I have discovered his channel. I can swear he will make you laugh from the beginning to the end of his videos. Also, he is very friendly to all his fans. And he is handsome isn’t he? He became one of my favourite youtuber ever since I started watching his videos. Pretty please go check his channel? 🙂 


So that’s all with my favourites of November and I’m very sorry with my rants about my favourites, it is just me gets so excited over the mentioned stuffs above. And thank you very much lovely and here’s an ice-cream for you if you managed read till here. Forgive me if my english was bad and I’m trying so hard to learn. Love you guys. ❤

Talk to you soon.

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