Top 5 Wednesday: Books you want to finally read in 2017 #TW5

Hello people, today I’m coming to you with another blog post which is the Top 5 Wednesday that I’m going to attempt to do weekly in order to stay active over here. Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly post that is hosted by Lainey and Samantha from the Goodreads group where you can find more information about it. Make sure to participate if you haven’t already because you might not want to miss the good things being a part of the readers community.


As you can see this week’s topic is “Books you want to finally read in 2017” and I found it interesting to talk about. There have been quite few books in my Tbr pile that I have always wanted to read but I kept putting it down due to my college. So I think it’s time to finally read them out in 2017. Without further a do let’s get into the list of books.

1) A court of thorns and roses / A court of Mist and Fury.
I know, don’t judge me please. These set of books are way too popular that you can barely find readers that hasn’t get into it yet so yeah I’m one of them. Everywhere you turn around and you can see people raving about it and of course it is in their top 10 books. It’s just not the right time for me yet to read them. I have the feel that I’m going to literally enjoy the series so I wanted to read them in a slow pace where I could enjoy, appreciate and feel every single word of the books. And finally I planned to get into these books on January 2017. I want to begin the year with some good reads maybe. 🙂 If you would like to buddy read this series with me then drop down a comment below.

2) The Host
The second book that I would love and always wanted to read was The Host by Stephenie Meyer. I heard nothing but good things about this one. I picked it up a few months back and read a couple of pages and I really liked it but then my final exams came in the way and since then I couldn’t get the time to read it again. Believe me or not this book is bloody thick like 700+ pages so I’m kind of uninspired to pick the book again. But I think it’s finally time to get into it so I’m definitely going to include it in my 2017 tbr. And also there is a movie of this one and I heard it was good as the book so I totally need to read the book before watching the movie.

3) Crown of Midnight followed by the rest of the sequel

togDo I even need to talk about this series? I have read the first book and I really loved it so freaking much guys and didn’t really have the proper time to read it’s sequels. And I also did started the Crown of Midnight and already halfway through and wasn’t able to continue again due to exams. So I’m currently rereading Throne of Glass because I want to recall everything before start reading the Crown of Midnight because I tend to forget when it comes to books. Also, I have heard a lot of good good stuffs about this series so I really want to get into it maybe by January I’ll be able to read Crown of Midnight. I love how the story line goes and the character builds. Did the review for the first book though which you should really check it out. Click this link for more:

4) Game of Thrones
Last but not least, I really want to get into this series and it has been in my tbr pile for a very long time as I know. Not because of the series is good, I don’t really see people talks about the books but because of the TvShow. I’m a sort of person who read the books first before get into the movie or tvshow. This show has been very famous and most of my friends has watched and it is their favourite show as for now. So I’m really looking forward to get into this series very soon maybe in 2017. The books of this series is very very thick like 1000+ pages. Never own or read a book this thick before. Hoping to start and finish the first book next year. #fingercrossed

That’s all from me for now. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for reading. Talk to you soon.

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